Our history

Since 1991, DDMS has managed group homes for adults with intellectual disabilities. Today we provide stable, loving homes for more than 800 individuals in 6 states across 150 homes.

Our professional staff is carefully screened and trained using our successfully proven, unique methods.

Our 30 years of experience has allowed us to provide each individual an opportunity to acquire skills, experiences, employment and relationships to the maximum potential.

Some of our individuals come to us from environments where much of their individuality has been restricted. When they experience our approach, they blossom. And that inspires us all.

We’re advocates.

Our individuals utilize a variety of public resources. Plus, they need medical care. They need friends and a social life in the communities where they live. They need employment that pays a fair wage.

These opportunities don’t just pop up out of nowhere. We have to create them. And that means we have to continually advocate.

We advocate for:

  • Parents and legal guardians as they navigate the process to eligibility and placement
  • Local businesses to employ our individuals
  • States to make our services available
  • The collaboration with community leaders so that our individuals are welcomed as neighbors

And, every day, our passion is to work with our individuals to make sure they get the personal attention, support, guidance, nurturing, instruction and praise to live their best lives.

We’re Accountants.

When we first began managing other people’s care homes, we immediately noticed that not all of them were on solid financial footing. As a result, some came and went very quickly, often leaving residents and staff in the lurch.

Our leaders are Certified Public Accountants. We believe sound financial policy and oversight are essential, so that we, and our future leaders, have funds to sustain the excellent quality of life in our homes. Some residential “families” have been together for many years. It would be devastating for them to be suddenly separated and scattered.

Likewise, we set high standards for our professional staff. We must offer competitive compensation to attract the caliber of people we want (and you expect) and we have to encourage them to build a long-term career with us.

Because we take such good care of our money, we’re able to take better care of our individuals. It’s that simple.

Our Leadership

A Board of Directors, made up of highly experienced professionals, governs DDMS.

Terry Swatley, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman is responsible for the overall operation of all facilities and programs. Mr. Swatley has successfully overseen the operations for over 27 years. He has skillfully guided us through growth and acquisitions, development of new opportunities and the expansion of existing programs. Mr. Swatley received his B.A. from the University of Memphis. He received his CPA certificate in the State of Tennessee.

Wayne T. Addison, President is responsible for the daily operation of all facilities and programs. Mr. Addison previously served DHC as the Corporate Controller and Chief Administrative Officer. He received both a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Memphis. He also received his CPA certificate in the State of Tennessee.

Michael Wills, Chief Financial Officer is responsible for financial oversight of all corporate and managed facilities, including cash management, budgets, audits cost reports, etc. Prior to joining DHC, Mr. Wills spent 5 years in public accounting. Mr. Wills graduated from the University of Memphis, while receiving his CPA certificate in the State of Tennessee.

Drew Bringhurst, Chief Administrative Officer is responsible for administration of all corporate and managed facilities, including human resources, marketing, insurance, publications and social media. Prior to joining DHC, Mr. Bringhurst held various positions with a national anatomical pathology laboratory, including Director of Operations, Director of Marketing for the OB/GYN division and Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Oncology division. Mr. Bringhurst received his Bachelor of Business Administration from Christian Brothers University.

Dan Scott, Corporate Controller Mr. Scott previously served DHC as the Chief Financial Officer. Prior to joining DHC, Mr. Scott served as an audit manager for a public accounting firm and as CFO of a hospital. He received a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Arkansas State and also holds a CPA certificate.

Management Services

In addition to owning intermediate care facilities, and group homes. DDMS LLC also brings to its managed facilities and programs a team of professionals who have tremendous experience in the delivery of services and supports to those with intellectual disabilities. DDMS designs and implements innovative management practices through our Management Services System. These services include:

  • Program Services
  • Behavior Management
  • Health Services
  • Staff Development and Training
  • Human Resources
  • Operations Management
  • Physical Plant
  • Emergency & Safety
  • Fiscal Management
  • Public Relations
  • Quality Assurance

DDMS provides its managed facilities with guidelines and technical assistance through a comprehensive publications system. This system, highlighted by a detailed set of policies and procedures, is used as a guide by the facility or program. Each facility has the flexibility to develop operating procedures which customize the basic DDMS system to better meet specific needs.

The quality management system, a method of significantly improving operations in managed facilities, is comprised of an internal and external monitoring system, with technical assistance and follow-up processes.

The services provided by DDMS are characterized by open and honest communication with owners, regulatory agencies, advocacy groups, families and responsible parties.