Management Services

DDMS brings to its managed facilities and programs a team of professionals who have tremendous experience in the delivery of services and supports to those with intellectual disabilities.

DDMS designs and implements innovative management practices through our Management Services System.  These services include: Program Services, Behavior Management, Health Services, Staff Development and Training, Human Resources, Operations Management, Physical Plant, Emergency & Safety, Fiscal Management, Public Relations, HIPAA, and Quality Assurance.  In addition, DDMS provides its managed facilities with guidelines and technical assistance through a comprehensive publications system.  This system, highlighted by a detailed set of policies and procedures, is used as a guide by the facility or program.  Each facility has the flexibility to develop operating procedures which customize the basic DDMS system to better meet specific needs.

DDMS’ quality management system, a method of significantly improving operations in managed facilities, is comprised of an internal and external monitoring system, with technical assistance and follow-up processes.
The services provided by DDMS are characterized by open and honest communication with owners, regulatory agencies, advocacy groups, families and responsible parties.